CFWV Highlighted Member: Tim (I’m Just Sayin!)

TimWhen did you start CrossFit and why?  I started CrossFit in June of this year and have been addicted since then. Before I started CrossFit my whole fitness background mainly consisted of power lifting (A LOT!!) and strength training with little or no cardio at all. In high school and college I was on power lifting teams and could get away with eating anything and staying pretty lean (THE TRY IT DIET). But as I’ve gotten older I notice that diet and cardio play a HUGE part in my overall fitness and health. Continue reading

CFWV Highlighted Member: Tish

TishWhen did you start CrossFit and why?   I started June 1st 2013. I had no clue what Crossfit was about. My boyfriend asked if I would join Crossfit with him. I said no at first because I was afraid. I have been over weight for so long and really didn’t believe I could do anything so intense. We stopped in and I was terrified. After talking with one of the coaches at CFWV I felt a little better about getting started. 

What are your short and long term goals with CrossFit?  Continue reading

CFWV Mem­ber High­light: Darrell

  1. DarrellWhen did you start CrossFit and why?  I started Crossfit in March for two reasons. The first is I just felt out of shape and wanted to start feeling better about my health.  The second reason is in November I am running a Tough Mudder in California and I needed to increase my upper body strength and cardio.
  2.  What are your short and long term goals with CrossFit?  Short term I want to prepare for my Tough Mudder and complete it in less than 4 hours.  Long term I want to be at Coach Jim status. Continue reading

CFWV Members Highlight: Pat & Michele

Michele and Pat

Michele and Pat

1.       When did you start CrossFit and why?    Pat: I rolled off the couch last Sept to support Michelle’s efforts and see why she was always so sore!  Michele: I started CrossFit (back when it was Brendan’s garage gym) just over a year ago because I was failing my fitness tests for the Air Force Reserves and knew that I was not going to be able to fix the problems myself.

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