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If you just want more information or to ask some questions we encourage you to stop by any evening after 4:00 PM. You will get to see a class in actions and we usually have multiple coaches present so we can spend a few minutes answering questions.

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CFWV Highlighted Members: Bailey and Ariel

Bailey & Ariel

Bailey & Ariel

When did you start CrossFit and why? Bailey – I had always been a little interested in CrossFit, but always thought it was to expensive. Last December when I was diagnosed with MS I told a bunch of people that because of this they would someday see me on tv doing a CrossFit competition (obviously joking). In June  my mom started going to the gym, she told me how much she loved it, and of course after hearing my mom say that, it made me want to join. Ariel I always wanted to join a CrossFit gym, but was always too afraid. One day my mom told me she was going to join and I finally brought myself to do it. After going to the intro class I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to do it. It kicked my butt! I love how competitive it can be. Especially when I am up against Bailey! Continue reading