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Want to learn more about CFWV or try a class? You’re in the right place.

If you just want more information or to ask some questions we encourage you to stop by any evening after 4:00 PM. You will get to see a class in actions and we usually have multiple coaches present so we can spend a few minutes answering questions.

If you’re ready to give it a try , see the options below:

Have no CrossFit experience? You can get started 1 of 2 ways:

  1. Schedule a 1 on 1 appointment with one of our coaches for a free fitness evaluation and to have your questions answered. Click here to contact us.

  1. Attend a regularly scheduled CF Foundations Class. These classes are designed to introduce new people to CrossFit. We teach the common movements, provide information on how to be successful in CrossFit and do a short high intensity workout to help build fitness. Even if you have never done CrossFit before you will be able to participate fully in this class. Click here for CF Foundations Class Schedule.

Are you an experienced CrossFitter new to the area or looking to try out a new gym?

You are welcome to drop-in to any regularly scheduled CrossFit class free of charge.

If you have competitive aspirations we would like to suggest you join us Saturday morning at 9:30 AM for our joint CrossFit & Competitors WODs. Be warned the intensity of this class is through the roof and you need good technique in Olympic lifting and gymnastics.

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