CFWV Highlighted Member: Leslie (L.A.)



When did you start CrossFit and why?  I started cross fit on 9/26/13 I joined because I needed to change my lifestyle I yearn to be one of those skinny girls you see running everywhere….to class, to work, running with their strollers, running their dogs…..just running! You know the ones …..uber fit, face all done, hair perfect …..early in the morning you just wanna trip them….lol j/k.

What are your short and long term goals with CrossFit?    Short term goals to finish a WOD before somebody ….anybody!!!!!! It kills my competitive spirit to be last…….long term goals to improve my quality of life to be able to enjoy a more active lifestyle with my daughter.

Tell us your most memorable experience at CFWV?    Running 800 meters in a WOD …. running period is a win for me but that second lap was a definitive answer to all the doubts in my mind…..not quietly dying by the dumpsters out back gives me hope that if my mind says it can be done my body will at least try to hang on…..I will be unstoppable when I get both my mind and my body to work in unison.

Tell us all something we didn’t know about yourself.    I’m a single mother of an amazing 10 year old.

Any final comments for the members and or staff at CFWV? I guess I would tell any of the new comers ……Keep coming back!!!!! Even when you fall (or jump) off the wagon, get back on :) To the staff I would have to say thank you ! With 20 lbs down and tons more to go I have never felt like any of the staff has been anything less than supportive and encouraging.

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