CFWV Highlighted Member: Katrina



When did you start CrossFit and why? I started Crossfit in August 2012, after watching the Crossfit games on T.V.  I saw those elite athletes and said, “they’re crazy”.  Then I said, “I can do that”.

What are your short and long term goals with CrossFit?  Short term goal is to compete and do well in a Masters Competition.  My long-term goal is to increase my fitness level so that I can perform every exercise, as prescribed, in any workout.

Tell us your most memorable experience at CFWV? My most memorable experiences at CFWV were my “firsts”: my first pull-up, first hand-stand, first weighted pull-up, first string of double-unders.  My most memorable experience outside of CFWV was in the grocery store when a complete stranger said, “you look great, keep doing what you’re doing”.  I wondered, how she knew I was doing Crossfit.

Tell us all something we didn’t know about yourself. I’m an Arizona native.

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